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Founded in 2010, KVSIO is a global leading self-service Kiosk manufacturer and solutions provider with long-termed partnerships with operators around the world. KVSIO is a proven leader in the kiosk industry and we distinguish ourselves from others in the self-service industry by assembling a team of professionals with in-depth expertise for design and manufacturing of self-service Kiosk. By being consistently innovative and making bold breakthroughs with state-of-the-art technologies.we partner with customers by giving them forward-thinking advice in order to design and produce a more competitive, high-quality, aggressively priced product to meet their needs.


KVSIO has a focused team with dedication and determination to work for our customers' best interests. Our fully motivated staff and unmatched R&D capabilities enable us to react swiftly and effectively to meet our customers' needs with a comprehensive and customized set of end-to-end solutions and products. We are committed to helping customers and partners succeed in business and through our efforts, we make our customer’s business lives easier, safer and more profitable.


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KVSIO's products and solutions include financial self-service Kiosk, payment Kiosk, internet/information access Kiosk, retail ordering Kiosk, human resource Kiosk, ticketing/card issuing Kiosk, multi-media terminals, digital signage, ATM / ADM/ CDM, metal kiosk keyboards, encryption keypads and many more that can be applied in banking, securities, transportation, retail, communications and medical applications. We also provide OEM/ODM services.


We produce our products in our own large-scaled factory using advanced production equipment and testing instruments. Each of our production processes are managed by state-of-the-art scientific and systematic manufacturing approaches. From material procurement, to testing prior to shipment, the entire production process is strictly executed by our professionals in compliance with accepted international standards. We are dedicated to providing customers with high quality, cost-effective, value-added products and solutions.


We look forward to working with you on your banking or kiosk projects and are sure that we can bring success to your endeavors.



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The Interperetation of KVSIO LOGO


KVSIO, is merged by two words: Keen Vision.The meaning is: sharp vision, strong desire.


It reflects the characteristics of our self-service Kiosk products: intelligent with a touch screen, operate flexiblely, respond quickly, with strong sense of technology. So our LOGO designed to be eye-alike sphere.


"Transforming your vision into reality" is a slogan which we often used in our working. Any one of the customized products, we should first fully understand the needs of customers, then digest and transform them to be our tangiable products.


In fact, for each of ourselves, the whole human life is a process to turn the idea into reality. Once we get a good idea or nice vision, we should keep it and reinforce it, quickly act and endeavor to achieve it. In Dubai, on the lobby wall of the tallest building Khalīfa Tower which engraved the chief architect Mr. Adrian Smith's words "From your vision into reality", it seems there is a bit coincident feeling with us.


Enterprise Vision: To be respected and the most dynamic global leading enterprise in self-service Kiosk/ATM industry.

Enterprise Mission:KVSIO is committed to enriching people's lives, helping people and businesses around the world to fully realize all their potential and create a new dynamic world by the connection of our Kiosk/ATM terminals.

Enterprise Spirit:Commit, Persevere, Diversify, Co-win.

Enterprise Value:As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.

Business Strategy: Develop the best products, Provide the best service, create the best brand.

Enterprise's Core: Competitiveness:Speed, Quality, Service, Flexibility, Cost

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Transforming your vision into reality......
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KVSIO Milestone


  Jan. 2010    KVSIO Int'l Group Co., Ltd founded in Hongkong
  Oct. 2010    Jointly worked with KioskWorld to promote busiss in Oceania region
 Sept. 2011    Shenzhen KVSIO Technology founded in Shenzhen, China
  Feb. 2011    Partnered with Mekiosks to distribute KVSIO Kiosks to Middle East area
  April. 2011    Supplied information Kiosk to Shangri-la Hotel Group
 June. 2011    Customized touch screen Kiosk for General Motor
   Aug. 2011    Produced hugh quantity digital signage Kiosks for gas processing giant Gasco
   Nov. 2011    Worked with one leading Kiosk system integrator in UAE-Smart Vision
  Feb. 2012    Won the project from Dubai Justice
  June.2012    Won the payment Kiosk project from Tanzania Taxation Bureau
 Sept. 2012    Promenient Kiosk expert, former owner of KIS Mr. Peter B Snyder visited us
  Nov. 2012    Won the touch information Kiosk project from Qarta University
  Dec. 2012    Won the ticketing kiosk project from Riyadh International Book Fair
  Dec. 2012    KVSIO's new big Kiosk factory set up in Shenzhen
  Mar. 2013

   Produced the multi founctional payment for Kuwait Oil company

  July. 2013    Won the Kiosk project from the Abu Dabhi Police
 Sept. 2013    Won the ticket vending Kiosk project from Taibai Mountain Resort in Morth China
  Oct. 2013    Won the all weather outdoor touch screen Kiosk project from Azerbaijan
  Nov. 2013    Won the outdoor cash payment Kiosk project from Russia
  Dec. 2013    Won the ATM project from South Africa
   Jan. 2014    Worked together with SHARP, ODM digital signage touch screen Kiosk for them 
  Feb. 2014    Developed health care Kiosk for one leading medical instrument company in China
 April. 2014    Won the self payment and printing Kiosk project from Saudi University
 June.2014     Won the multi functonal ATM Kiosk project from Russian Custom
  Aug. 2014    Designed and manufactured new mobile charging Kiosk for Singapore sport Council
  Oct. 2014    Won the parking payment Kiosk project from Philippine
  Nov. 2014    Won  the ticket vending kiosk project from Zhangjiajie Resort in Hunan province
   Jan. 2015    Developed andriod operated ticket vending Kiosk for one leading cinema operator 
 April. 2015    Developed one dual screen SIM card vending Kiosk for USA telecom operator
  July. 2015    Jointly worked with SK,manufactured hospital payment Kiosk for Saudi hospital
  Oct. 2015    Supplied huge quantity air ticktet vending Kiosks for China Aireline
  Nov. 2015    Won the big project from Singapore National Library
  Dec. 2015    Delivered parking payment Kiosks to Chongqing City, China
  Feb. 2016    Mr. Grant Liao/CEO of KVSIO was invited to USA by former owner of KIS Mr. Peter 
  Mar. 2016    Deveoped one innovative restaurant self ordering Kiosk for Singapore and Saudi market
   July 2016    Developed one new cash operated cell phone charging Kiosk for gym.
 Sept. 2016    Delivered self ticketing Kiosk and ATM Kiosk to Peru market
  Nov. 2016    Delivered large number of hospital information Kiosks to Saudi market 
  Dec. 2016    Developed and manufactured toally new outdoor parking payment Kiosk for USA market
  Feb. 2017    Signed a contract with Wietnam company for supplying ticket vending Kiosk
   May 2017    Delivered one locker system for one leading cinema operator in China
   July 2017    Developed one card vending Kiosk system for a major transportation company
  Sept 2017    Delivered one jail suvilliance Kiosk system for govornment  of China
  Oct. 2017    Developed one self ordering Kiosk system for one leading food city in China
  Nov. 2017    Conducted mass production of Utility bill payment Kiosk for state owned grid company
  Dec. 2017    Developed hotel check-in Kiosk system for Vienna hotel
  Jan. 2018    Developed outdoor parking payment kiosk system for Canadian market


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Brands : KVSIO

No. of Employees : 100~200

Annual Sales : 20000000-30000000

Year Established : 2010

Export p.c : 70% - 80%