Customer Reviews
We have worked with KVSIO for over 7 years, they help us succeed in many Kiosk projects deployment. We buy European quality Kiosk at China price there.

—— Peter from USA

We partner with KVSIO largely due to their professionality, agiled response to our Kiosk customization and care to our interest.

—— Glenn from Singapore

KISIO is real a capable company can combine the art and industrial production perfectly, they create unique Kiosk with innovative technology for us.

—— Ehab from Dubai

We are very satisfied with products and service KVSIO offered and we enjoy the relationship with KVSIO, they are nice, comfortable team we like go with.

—— Abir from France

No doubt KVSIO is a team experted in Kiosk design and manufacturing, their quality, hassle free systems greatly help us in Kiosk market development.

—— Gill from Philippines

KVSIO is one of few can get the point of what we want, we appreciate their patience, hard working that enable our Kiosk project completed perfectly.

—— Joe from USA

When make sophisticated payment & ticketing Kiosk systems, we approach to KVSIO as we learn they have successfully conducted over 500 projects already.

—— Alex from Russia

We luckly find KVSIO, they help us out of massively manufacture Kiosks in short time, now all come up with schedule and we feel relieved.

—— Daniel from South Korea

We received the Kiosks with pre-installed software from KVSIO in 2013, now run 5 years but still work soundly that boosts our confidence to buy more.

—— Anne from Kenya

I am a technical person harsh in checking out any minor mistake, but later I find myself is over thinking as KVSIO's quality control system do better.

—— Bob from Gemany

The Kiosk and software KVSIO provided is of user friendly, high performance, easy for maintenance, moreovere, the price is affordable.

—— Jerry from Azerbaijan

I bought ATM from KVSIO and stayed in the factory 1 month for programming, they were friendly, offered me very good daily life and technic support.

—— Ibrah from Senna Lyon

We come to know KVSIO by the recommendation of my freind who is a senior expert in Kiosk industry, that spares us from risking to try other factory.

—— Jeff from UK

We find a exciting world when we visit KVSIO, their products inspire us great interest to exploit South America market, the prospect is promissing

—— David from Brazil

Security is utmost issue for the banking system, KVSIO has done a great job on both hardware and software solutions, they are real expert.

—— Gary from Peru

We have engaged in Kiosk business for over 20 years, KVSIO is our home to get what quality and functional Kiosks we long pursuited.

—— Daniel from Denmak

You know I am an old China hand live in China since 1996, to tell you truth I can't sleep well until we find KVSIO to take care of our Kiosk business.

—— Dick from South Africa

Nowadays only innovation can drive business thrive.We jointly work with KVSIO to develop new Kiosk application by cutting-edge tech and win big market

—— Steven from Turkey

Customer experience is the key to business success. KVSIO offer tailored kiosks for specific users, which completely overthrow our concerpt.

—— Johnny from Malaysia

We are a leading integrator active in Persian Gulf Region, we often partner with KVSIO to bid some Kiosk projects and the result always is outstanding

—— Tariq from Oman

First time we cooperate with KVSIO for bus ticketing Kiosk,and the second time we co-work for restaurant food ordering Kiosk...all are satisfactory!

—— Prasad from India

KVSIO are well considerate of all the elements of outdoor payment Kiosk in terms of water proof, dust proof, anti-vandalism and extreme weather.

—— Aric from Canada

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